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In early 90s our plant (“VAASVEE engineering plant”) was producing the equipment and machines for mining and metallurgical companies, in 2005 we became subcontractors of Finnish companies which produce mining machines, since 2006 we are producing manipulators (all metal parts) for hydrohammers mainly for South Africa platinum mines and also we were making the attachmentsfor local markets, after 9 year of making brilliant quality product, we created company GRABIRON together with British company (Corrosioneering Group Ltd).


GRABIRONs products have the production standards of world largest mining and construction companies. Designed through its vision, Grabiron products are created through an innovative approach and latest product development methods, including the world's best components. Our superior constructor engineers created models considering the shortcomings of our previous design products and of the products of other companies. Our machines are simple, reliable and very strong. The main feature of our products is not only that it works very good, but also that it will work long-long time, it easy to maintain and the repair kit are always provided for free with the new attachments you are buying.

We believe that we invested into our product more soul and energy than other companies and we believe that appearance and convenience of operation inspires the operators for productive and creative work.


After 9 years of experience of production of attachments and attachment parts, we decided to create totally new unique design. The design do not has shortcomings and all the products in the new line are very thought-out. Only after numerous tests with a big team of experts and after the summary that it couldn’t be broken we put it into the market.

- Sorting Grabs

- Scrap metal grabs

- Hybrid of pulverizer and primary demolition (1 jaw)

- Multiprocessors (6 jaws)

- Connection plates

- Excavators buckets (almost all kinds)

- Hydro hammers

- Hydraulic shears

- Compactors

- Spare parts: Casting/Hardox wear parts, rotation mechanisms, knifes, bushings and pins.

- Our team of constructors are creating new products without stop, new products you will see very soon.


We value our reputation and we are very friendly company, in the same time we are doing business with our partners we are trying to know better each other, we can even become friends..

The trust and reliability, that are our values… and what are your values? Please call us and tell us about it!

Best regards

Vitaliy Selaynin


mob. +380964822244 (better call from 6:00 till 23:00)